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Order the business service «Business video for YouTube»
to promote your company in social networks
Choose your offer and we will produce two, four or eight commercials for you within a month to promote your company at an attractive promotional price!
Until July 31 there is a discount of up to 30% on package offers
Until the end of promotion is left:

The audience appreciates useful
information. We are shooting
for you an interesting informative video.

80% of the information people perceive
with their eyes.
They watch
you - they are empathizing you,
which mean they believe you. Your
video is the best tool for promoting your business.

Your potential customers are watching TV less and more, spending more and more time on social networks or on YouTube. Video marketing is a very effective tool for communication with this audience.
Useful video content is the best tool for creating mutual confidence between you and your client.

Do you want to announce the event, invite people to your training, presentation, exhibition or cool party via Facebook?

We will help you make a bright emotionally filled appeal that will attract those you are waiting for.

Do you want to attract new customers through social networks and YouTube, tell a wide audience about the action carried out by your company, a new product or a prospective service?

We will help you make a quality information video that will fully reveal your competitive advantages to the target audience.

Do you need that potential customers begin to perceive your company as an expert and market leader and trust your opinion?

Video is the face of the company, high-quality expert videos, reviews of your products and customer reviews - we know how to fill your YouTube channel.

Do you want to avoid excessive costs, but at the same time want that your video content doesn’t cause a sense of "home video" or "wedding shooting"?

Video is the face of the company; we understand this and provide enterprise quality of content and optimal production time.

Do you think that creation of high-quality video content is difficult, long, time consuming and hard?

Don’t worry. Our team has the necessary experience and knows its business, we work quickly and efficiently. The cycle of making the video is only 7 days.
Examples of business videos for YouTube
The uniqueness of our offer
The DreamTV team is a modern, creative professionals who started their creative career with television and documentary films.
At the same time, we understand where your potential customer's attention must be directed in:
The Internet is the most effective way of communicating directly with them.
Therefore, we rely on social networks and YouTube channels. Tracking the current trends and understanding that modern business is actively developing, we help you to implement the most modern communication tools with the target audience.
You, don’t go wrong choosing us
Creative shots like in the movies
Professionalism and use of available technologies as on TV
Studio recording premium
Equipment and technologylatest generation
Optimization of content created content is optimized for social networks and YouTube channels
This is innovative and perspectively. It's interesting and modern. This generates leads and raises your profits.
And now - it's absolutely affordable for you!
Working with us is easy and pleasant
You send an application, our manager contacts you and answers all questions
You fill in a short brief, agree on the terms, price, and payment procedure
We agree on filming location and text of the video
You choose shooting time convenient for you
So, everything is ready, the group in a cozy studio DreamTV or in the chosen location. "Camera, motor" and we are recording your video.
Within 7 days you receive edited and tinted video.
If there are any comments on the video-tape editing or content, you make a list of revisions and we make them as quickly as possible.
You receive ready video * and upload it to your resources on the Internet.
*ready video is provided as a download link, in the format *.mov, 1920x1080 25p, encoded by the codec .H264 (compression mode, optimal for downloading on YouTube).
Customer Reviews
Evgeny BlankCompany "BlankNote"

Special thanks for your promptness. As a rule, such videos aren’t made and aren’t editing so quickly. We had an event connected with the city administration, and we urgently needed to make a video - we had time.

Gorbacheva JuliaCompany "Olerom"

The result has satisfied us very much, and we want to cooperate further. From the first impression, we didn’t doubt that only professionals work in this company. The most important point is efficiency. We had very tight deadlines, and we literally within 2 days received a video, and the work was done really well.

You receive:
Pre-shooting period:

- help in creating the text of the video;
- choose background colour from 12 possible options;
- definition of convenient shooting time;
- Before shooting you will put on an easy make-up, and upon termination - will remove it.


- one hour of filming with two cameras, with lighting and sound recording, in one of our specially equipped studios or in the chosen location;

Video-tape editing:

- Video-tape editing of 2-3 minute video with sound design;
- Up to 5 blocks of titles;
- Your company logo;
- 2 rounds of edits.

Price is 5100UAH
Until 15/07/17

This offer is for those who want to try - this is your first step in video marketing, a quality basis for successful YouTube channel!


Ready Video: Within 7 days> after shooting you receive a ready-made movie
Do you want more? Below are our wholesale offers for you:
Package of
2 videos*

per month

Price is 10200 UAH

This proposal for a young business that is growing, only gaining momentum, but already confidently robs communication with its target audience.

2 shooting hours and editing of 2 information videos for 2-3 minutes
Package of
4 videos*

per month

Price is 20400 UAH

This offer is for a stable business: for those who have already appreciated the importance of video marketing and actively develops its customer base.

4 shooting hours and editing of 4 information videos for 2-3 minutes
Package of
8 videos*

per month

Price is 40800UAH

This offer is for large companies who want to regularly communicate with their target audience.

8 hours of shooting and editing of 8 information videos for 2-3 minutes

* Package offers "Business-video" are created especially for companies for which regular communication with their target audience is important.
The promotional conditions are valid when concluding a service contract for 3 months or more!

Order your "Business-video" package to promote your company on Facebook or YouTube right now!

Until the end of promotion remains:
Additionally you can order:
Copywriting text for a 3-minute video 1200 UAH.
Additional shooting (in the studio or in another place) from 1000 UAH per hour shooting
Increase in the length of video (at editing) 800 UAH / min.
Dubbing with subtitles for watching videos with muted sound for Facebook 400 UAH / min.
Filming video in the green chromakey studio (background replacement) an additional 800 UAH / min.
Infographics and animation 1350 UAH / 10 seconds
Extra make-up (more than one person per frame) 400 UAH per person
Decoding of video (tipping text of video) 80 UAH / min
Optimization and uploading of a video to your YouTube channel 600 UAH / video